Megan O'Malley

Megan O’Malley is co-founder of Walk Sew Good, fashion researcher, writer and consultant, a reformed shopaholic, and former Bollywood and cruise ship dancer. After reading about the story of Satish Kumar, an Indian pilgrim who walked 13,000 km across the world in the 1960s to promote peace and nuclear disarmament, Megan decided she wanted to do a similar walk for a cause she was passionate about - sustainable fashion. The only catch, while she had extensive knowledge about the fashion industry, she had never done an overnight hike before and knew nothing about surviving in the great outdoors. She recruited Gab and away they went!

Megan read more fashion sustainability reports than possibly anyone in the known world during her time as Head of Research at Project JUST. She has also worked as a consultant to a number of fashion brands in Australia, Cambodia and the Middle East to develop their business and improve sustainability in their supply chains.

Megan has written about sustainability and fashion for a variety of online and print publications including Huffington Post, Sustainability in Style and Peppermint Magazine and is a regular contributor to Eco Warrior Princess.

Photo: Anthony Tosello for Ecomono

Photo: Anthony Tosello for Ecomono

Gab Murphy

Gab studied a Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) at RMIT. In a sustainability class she met an interesting character by the name of Megan.

Growing up in the multicultural township of Mildura, Gab developed an interest in studying different cultures. She passionately advocates for refugee and asylum seeker rights and worked on the Strategic Plan for the Sunraysia-Mallee Ethnic Communities Council in 2015.

Even though she’s travelled to over 30 countries, six continents and hiking various mountains, jungles and deserts, Gab still considers herself a budding student of the outdoors. She has travelled extensively and is not yet dead. Gab hopes that this endeavour does not affect that status.