A 3500 km adventure by foot across Southeast Asia in search of people creating fashion in beautiful ways.


BEAUTIFUL fashion stories

NEW VIDEO! Fabrice, the Founder of Naga Creations is concerned about the rapid loss of traditional costumes and jewellery among ethnic minorities in Laos. He creates jewellery inspired by traditional costumes to try and preserve the beautiful and unique shapes of Laos.

NEW VIDEO! Ba (Aunty) Wan warmly welcomed us to her workshop. She is a natural dye expert and is passionate about supporting her community. It was so incredible to spend the day with Ba Wan and her crew and learn more about their story.

Wise women talk about what you can do to create a better fashion industry for the people behind the clothes. #fashrev #whomademyclothes

We believe the clothes we wear should reflect the world we want to live in

We visited one of the Kayan villages in Northern Thailand on the Thai-Burma border to meet the people behind the beautiful products they co-create with Ways of Change. Cara speaks about working with refugee communities in a new way that disrupts the current ideas around humanitarian aid and refugee settlements.

Lamorna from Studio Naenna in Chiang Mai talks about how connecting with the story behind our clothes feels good and can change the way you treat the things that you wear.

We visited Dorsu in Kampot, Cambodia. This is the beautiful story of friendship between Kunthear and Hanna, the founders of the brand.